TagriaLib Documentation v4
attachToSelectortruejava.lang.StringIndicates the component selector that will be exported
timestampfalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates if timestamp must be added to fileName export. Default: true
asImagefalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates if target element must be rendered as image in pdf. Default: false
patternfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates the pattern of appended file. Default: dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss
filenamefalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates the final name of the exported file. Default: uuid.pdf
filenameKeyfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates the final name (i18n) of the exported file.
titlefalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the title button
titleKeyfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the title key(i18n) button
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		     <html:pdf attachToSelector="#printit"/>
		     <html:div id="printit">
		   		Print all content here