srctruejava.lang.StringIndicates the component of the name to be used as the source
typetruejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates the type of iteration being used. Options: val, html
nametruejava.lang.StringIt indicates the name of the uploaded parameter
requiredfalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates if the value is optional preeenchimento occur to the function call. Default: false.
<html:input name="input1" value="Valor 0"/>
<html:input name="input2" value="" />

<html:jsEvent attachTo="input1" event="blur">

<ajax:function name="dados" url="/app/ajax">
<ajax:parameter name="input1" src="input1" type="val" />
<ajax:parameter name="input2" src="input2" type="val" required="false" />