TagriaLib Documentation v4
listfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates a data list to attach on input
formatterfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates a type format in which the value must be converted. Default options: date,datetime, timestamp, hour, currency, zipCode, cnpj, tel, cpf
cssClassfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates a CSS class to the component
titlefalsejava.lang.StringIndicates a title for the component
titleKeyfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates a title key (i18n) for the component
typefalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates the type of input. Default: text. Options: button, checkbox, color, date, datetime, datetime-local, email, file, hidden, image, month, number, password, radio, range, reset, search, submit, tel, text, time, url, week
idfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the component's id
nametruejava.lang.StringIndicates the component name
placeHolderfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates placeHolder for input
placeHolderKeyfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates placeHolder key (i18n) for textarea
valuefalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the value of the component
focusfalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates whether the component should gain the cursor focus
autoCompletefalsejava.lang.BooleanDefines if input allow autoComplete previous input date.Default false
requiredfalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates whether the component is required within a form
patternfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates the pattern to be followed in a particular field
disabledfalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates whether the component should be disabled. Default: false
maxLengthfalsejava.lang.IntegerIndicates the maximum number of characters to be filled
maxLengthCountfalsejava.lang.BooleanIndicates if the maximum number of characters must be count. Default: false
maxfalsejava.lang.IntegerIndicates the maximum value for input
minfalsejava.lang.IntegerIndicates the minimum value for input
stepfalsejava.lang.IntegerIndicates the step increment number
checkedfalsejava.lang.BooleanIndicates if (radio, checkbox) if the component should be marked
multiplefalsejava.lang.BooleanIndicates whether the component supports multiple inputs
acceptfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates which extensions supported in the case (file)
			<html:input name="field1"/>