TagriaLib Documentation v4
actionfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the action of submission
cssClassfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates a css class to the component
inlinefalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates form to be inline. Default false
labelfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the label of the form
labelKeyfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the localize (i18n) label key of the form
targetfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the target of submission. Default : _self. Options : _blank,_self,_parent,_top,iframe
methodfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates the method to be used. Default: post. Options: post, get
namefalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the name of form
validationfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates a validation to be performed on the data form
renderedfalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates whether the component should be rendered
multipartfalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates whether the form should have file support
idfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the id for the component

My title

Fields group

			<html:form action="#" label="My title">
				<html:formGroup label="Field 1" required="true">
					<html:input required="true" name="field1"/>
				<html:formGroup label="Field 2">
					<html:input name="field2"/>
				<html:formGroupMultiple label="Fields group">
					<html:input name="fields3[]"/>
				    <html:button state="primary" type="submit" label="Label for submit"/>