labelfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the label component
datafalsejava.util.CollectionIndicates the collection to be iterated in component
varfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates the name of the variable java to be made available the object of iteration
atLeastfalsejava.lang.IntegerIndicates the minimum number of lines to be filled
emptyfalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates whether the component should start without lines
afterInsertfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates a javascript function to be performed after inserting a row

Form with details


Persons details

Name * Age *
<html:form action="#" label="Form with details">
<html:detailTable atLeast="1" label="Persons details">
<html:detailTableColumn label="Name" required="true">
<html:input name="names[]" required="true"/>
<html:detailTableColumn label="Age" required="true">
<html:input name="ages[]" type="number" required="true"/>