TagriaLib Documentation v4
idfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates the id for the component
cssClassfalsejava.lang.StringIt indicates a css class to the component
labelfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates a label for the alert.
labelKeyfalsejava.lang.StringIndicates a label key(i18n) for the alert.
dismissiblefalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates whether the component can be closed. Default: false
statetruejava.lang.StringIt indicates the state where the box should be rendered. Default: warning. Options: primary, secondary, light, dark, warning, success, danger, info
renderedfalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates whether the component should be rendered. Default : true
visiblefalsejava.lang.BooleanIt indicates whether the component should be visible. Default : true
			<html:alert state="info">